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Your Trusted Insurance Partner Since 1934
Roemer Insurance The unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity and ethics anchor the core of a value system that launched Roemer Insurance continues to serve as our business philosophy today. Upon this foundation of trust, we've built an excellent reputation in our community and are grateful for the clients we are privileged to serve.

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Congress Kicks Highway Bill Down the Road
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Roemer Insurance - Winner of the 2014 BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics
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Last Updated March 28, 2016

Truckers: You’re Smarter and Greener apparently
While many in the industry think drivers are becoming fossils, others think they are getting better at their jobs through the use of information technology and winning the game in new ways.
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Bitter battle for bathroom breaks
Alliteration aside, a bill funding the FAA may be in jeopardy because of a provision covering trucker’s bathroom breaks and how these breaks from truck operation are compensated. Here’s two takes, one from the hill and one from the industry.
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Keep your head on a swivel folks
DOT Foods took a local Fox affiliate on a ride-along to show them what their truckers see on the road. It’s an eye opener!

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EPA throws $26 Million at diesel Engines to help clean them up
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced recently the availability of $26 million in grant funding to establish clean diesel projects aimed at reducing emissions from the nation's existing fleet of diesel engines. The agency is soliciting proposals nationwide with priority given to projects that engage and benefit local communities and applicants that demonstrate their ability to promote and continue efforts to reduce emissions after the project has ended.
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Wellington F. Roemer started Roemer Insurance in 1934. Today, the Toledo-based business continues on in his family. Wellington's son, W. Thomas "Tommy" Roemer, is vice chairman of the board, and his grandson, Wellington F. "Rocky" Roemer III, has been president and CEO for 20 years. 

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Roemer Insurance is a BBB Accredited Insurance Company in Toledo, OH

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