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ATRI's Newest “Operational Costs of Trucking” Research Shows Dramatic Increases in Industry Costs

Arlington, Virginia - The American Transportation Research Institute today released the findings of its 2019 update to “An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking.” Using detailed financial data provided directly by motor carriers of all sectors and fleet sizes, this “Ops Costs” research annually documents and analyzes trucking costs from 2008 through 2018. ATRI's analysis provides industry stakeholders with an essential benchmarking tool, and government agencies with input on industry finances necessary for comprehensive transportation planning and infrastructure improvement analyses.

ATRI’s newest 2019 Ops Costs report documents the extremely robust economic environment that carriers and drivers experienced in 2018, but these same economic conditions put considerable upward pressure on nearly every line-item cost center experienced by carriers.

November 2019 |

Transportation Insurance Agent

5 Questions to Ask Your Transportation Insurance Agent

Insurance is a key component to a trucking organization’s success but it can also be one of the most complicated aspects of business ownership. Having an experienced and knowledgeable agent to help you navigate coverages and design a customized risk management program for your business is one of the smartest ways to protect your assets.

When you receive a call from an insurance agent requesting the opportunity to quote your business, save yourself some time, weed out the novices and find those worth having a conversation with by asking them these five questions. Read More >>

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Tune into SiriusXM The Road Dog Channel 146 Tuesday, February 5th at 3:00 p.m. ET



Mark Willis, National News Anchor-On Air Host

Mark Willis serves as a journalist with SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Willis, who has more than 30 years of experience in the news media, has interviewed presidents, sports celebrities and maybe even your neighbor. He has worked as an anchor at KRLD in Dallas and the Texas State Network. He was also news director for the ABC Radio Networks in Dallas. Willis currently serves as the Region 6 Coordinator for the Radio and Television Digital News Association.

Special Guest:

Rocky Roemer Agency President at AssuredPartners of Ohio, LLC dba Roemer Insurance, Inc. in Toledo, OH and ATRI Research Advisory Committee (RAC) member.

Topics to be discussed:

  • The State of the Insurance Market for Motor Carriers-2019. The Year Ahead.
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Telematics ‘a foregone conclusion’ in the commercial auto industry

Rocky Roemer, Agency President recently talked with Insurance Business America and is featured in their story on "Telematics ‘a foregone conclusion’ in the commercial auto industry"



The Trucking Industry's Top 10

Presented by Rebecca M. Brewster, President & COO, American Transportation Research Institute at November 2018 MTAC Open Session.

Download The Trucking Industry's Top 10 >>

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Roemer Insurance joined with AssuredPartners

We are excited to announce that Sunforest Transportation Group has joined AssuredPartners as of September 2018!


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Tune into SiriusXM The Road Dog Channel 146 Friday, October 5th at 10:30 a.m. ET

Rocky Roemer, President and CEO, Roemer Insurance and John Love, President, W.E. Love & Associates, LLC and MCIEF Board Member and will discuss current insurance market for motor carriers LIVE at the 2018 MCIEF Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida.


Dave Nemo hosts a live call-in program that spotlights news and topics of interest for professional drivers.

Special Guests

Rocky Roemer, President & CEO of Wellington F. Roemer Insurance, Inc. out of Toledo, OH and ATRI Research Advisory Committee (RAC) member.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Insurance Market for Motor Carriers

Tune into SiriusXM The Road Dog Channel 146 this Thursday, July 12th at 9 a.m. ET

Dave Nemo, Rebecca Brewster, American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) and Rocky Roemer, ATRI RAC member will discuss the full list of 30 issues that survey respondents pick from each year and ask listeners to give their input on additional items that need to be included in ATRI’s 2018 Top Industry Issues Survey, which will be launched in early August.


Dave Nemo hosts a live call-in program that spotlights news and topics of interest for professional drivers.

Special Guests for Thursday

Rebecca M. Brewster, President and Chief Operating Officer, American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI)


Rocky Roemer, ATRI Research Advisory Committee (RAC) member, President & CEO of Wellington F. Roemer Insurance, Inc. out of Toledo, OH.

What are Your Top Issues?

Since 2005, ATRI has surveyed the industry (motor carriers and drivers) to identify the top issues of concern. Each year we release the top 10 industry issues and in the 2017 survey, the driver shortage was number one, followed by the ELD mandate, HOS, truck parking and driver retention rounding out the top 5. As we prepare to launch the 2018 survey, we’re reviewing the total list of industry concerns that survey respondents are asked to review to select their top 3.

Many of these issues are critical for drivers and carriers alike and often generate enough votes to be included in our “emerging issues” discussion in the Top Industry Issues report – things like the diesel technician shortage, autonomous vehicles, and FMCSA’s mission. Rebecca and her guest ATRI RAC member Rocky Roemer will discuss the full list of 30 issues that survey respondents pick from each year and ask listeners to give their input on additional items that need to be included in ATRI’s 2018 Top Industry Issues Survey, which will be launched in early August.ATR

Topics to be discussed:

  • How survey results are used by ATRI and the industry at large
  • Briefly discuss overall survey methodology, launch in August
  • Top 5 from last year – Driver Shortage, ELD Mandate, HOS, Truck Parking, Driver Retention
  • Emerging issues from recent years which generated a lot of votes but not enough to break top 10 - diesel technician shortage, autonomous vehicles, FMCSA mission
  • Other issues that are on the survey that get votes each year but again, not enough to make top 10 or emerging issues list
  • Cyber security
  • Food transportation safety
  • Fuel supply/fuel prices
  • Redundant background checks and credentials
  • Roadside inspection efficiency
  • Tolls and creative financing
  • Truck security/cargo theft

ATRI: Driver Shortage Back on Top as Trucking Industry's Top Concern

Orlando, Florida - The American Transportation Research Institute, the trucking industry's not-for-profit research institute, today unveiled its top industry issues report, which includes the list of the top ten critical issues facing the North American trucking industry. For the first time since 2006, the driver shortage is the top-ranked issued.

The significant need for qualified drivers to meet the nation's growing freight demand surged six spots in the annual survey to top the list of concerns this year. Among the top strategies recommended by industry stakeholders to address the driver shortage include working with state and federal authorities to develop a graduated commercial driver's license program to attract safe, younger drivers to the industry, and partnering with the U.S. Department of Labor to formalize a national driver recruitment program.

October 2017 |


Trucking Industry Uptick Bodes Well for Overall Economy

Article Featuring Rocky Roemer

By Wendy Cornett

Experience has taught the trucking insurance agents at Roemer Insurance that a surge of activity within the trucking industry can be a reliable indicator of overall economic improvement, explained Wellington F. “Rocky” Roemer III, president and CEO of Roemer Insurance.

“Our trucking clients haul the raw materials to the plants; they haul the finished goods to the warehouses; they haul the inventory to the distributors and the retailers; and our clients – pretty much across the board – are showing healthy increases, especially in the last several quarters,” Rocky explained. “Existing fleets are hauling more freight, and when we see more goods in transit, this translates into an expanding economy.”

Another encouraging trend is that fleets are adding independent contractors to keep up with increasing demand, Rocky pointed out.

“Many motor carriers, when confronted with an improving economy and freight piling up on loading docks, will add owner/operators to their fleets.”

Roemer Insurance, an 80-year-old family-operated insurance business, has been a purveyor of insurance to the trucking industry throughout its 80-year history.

“My grandfather, Wellington F. ‘Dud’ Roemer, the founder of Roemer Insurance, started his independent insurance agency with his very first client, which was a trucking company, and we’ve been writing trucking fleets ever since,” Rocky said.

Roemer Insurance provides coverage for trucking fleets in a multistate operating territory throughout the Midwest and Florida. It also operates a division dedicated solely to the insurance needs of owner/operators known as Insure My Rig, a recognized brand in the independent contractor niche. Insure My Rig acquires its customers primarily through the Internet and insures truckers in nearly 40 states. As an added resource for its clients, the firm produces The Roemer Report, an online digest that provides valuable management information for trucking executives.

To keep pace with the swell of business among its trucking clients, Roemer Insurance has grown as well. The company recently added three more full-time agents devoted to serving the insurance needs of America’s truckers.

“Across the board, top to bottom, our truckers are doing better, and when they’re doing better, I would say that means the overall economy is showing signs of improvement,” Rocky added.

June 2015 | Source>>

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Roemer Insurance Hosted 80th Anniversary Celebration

By Wendy Cornett

Few companies enjoy the privilege of celebrating 80 years in business, and Wellington F. “Rocky” Roemer III, president and CEO of Roemer Insurance, attributes his company’s success to its loyal customers, dedicated staff and reputation for outstanding service established by its founders.

“We’re very fortunate to have been continually serving our clients for eight decades. It’s truly a tribute to all the amazing people who have come before us and built this agency over time, one customer at a time and one policy at a time,” Rocky said. “From my grandfather to my father; to all the wonderful employees and all the loyal customers we’ve had; to the relationships we’ve enjoyed over the years; it’s all brought us to this place.”

Roemer Insurance celebrated its 80th anniversary on Friday, September 19, with a party in its parking lot at 3912 Sunforest Court in Toledo. The luncheon party was held from 11:30 until 2:30, with food, drinks, games and music.

Founded in 1934 by Rocky’s grandfather,Wellington F. “Dud” Roemer, the company has always maintained a focus on serving the trucking industry, while branching into other types of insurance.

Roemer Insurance offers its extensive expertise to trucking fleets throughout the Midwest; its independent contractor owner/operator brand, Insure My Rig, serves truckers all over the country. Additionally, The Roemer Report, an online digest, provides valuable information for trucking executives.

“It’s a rare company that can prosper for 80 years; not too many companies are successful for three generations,” Rocky added. “We have a marvelous group of employees at Roemer. Every one of us understands and acknowledges that we have a strong and prosperous company today because of the efforts of all the people who came before us.”


Roemer Insurance President Receives Agent of the Month Award Only the sixth-ever such award from Great American Insurance Company

In a buoy to the nationwide prominence of its brand, Roemer Insurance has received an Agent of the Month award from Great American Insurance Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is only the sixth award of its kind, being a new initiative Great American has undertaken to recognize excellence among its 18,500 licensed agents from all 50 states.

“We are honored that they would have selected us. Especially so early in the process and from amongst so many agents,” said Rocky Roemer.

There are 5,600 insurance agencies across the United States appointed to do business with Great American. The company, founded in 1872, is one of America’s oldest and best-respectedinsurance carriers Divided into several “groups,” its services are rooted in numerous specialtyinsurance areas, including trucking insurance.

It is with the Great American trucking division that Roemer Insurance works most closely.Rocky Roemer, the agency’s third-generation president received the new award in large part due to his agency’s brand. “InsureMyRig is a national brand in our industry withthousands of customers across the country” Roemer stated. “Roemer Insurance is proud of its longstanding relationship with Great American. They are truly an industry leader in serving the independent contractor trucker. Our customers receive unparalleled service from GAIC’strucking division. It’s allowed us to build Insure My Rig into an enterprise that has customers in30 states, and growing,” Rocky said.