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Tenacious, Truckers Continue To Deliver The Turkey And Gravy To Thankful Americans

In all likelihood, Americans will consume more than 50 million turkeys this Thanksgiving, and with very few exceptions, they will mostly all be delivered by truck. According to several sources, each of these trucks will carry 3,000 birds to their destiny: in the ovens and on America’s dinner tables this November. Now THAT is truly something we all should be thankful for.

Not Nearly As Thankful As One Might Think

Given how vital and how essential trucking and truck drivers are – especially in perpetuating the country’s most sacred institutions and societal norms (think of every holiday and national milestone) – it seems to this observer that some folks in the nation are less grateful for our truckers than they ought to be. It is truly a shame in this day and age for someone in the broadcast media to insinuate that somehow American truck drivers represent an existential threat to American society. It is certainly disappointing to see the race card played in this fashion. It seems to us that such commentary goes well beyond reasonable public discourse.

Truckers And The Industry Deserve Our Gratitude: Meet America’s Road Team

Given the press truckers tend to receive on a national level, we decry that so much of the good they do is rarely reported on. It would be nice if our media spent a little more ink reminding Americans of the incredibly critical role these people play (literally) driving our national economy. It’s the face of trucking that folks rarely get to see. Fortunately, the industry continues to project its collective voice supporting and encouraging the drivers who do the heavy lifting and occasionally Americans do get a glimpse of the true face of today’s trucker.

So, just in case you missed it, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) recently released a list of 36 professional truck drivers named as finalists for the 2022-2023 term of America's Road Team.

ATA President and CEO Chris Spear explained how drivers get nominated to the team: "These men and women were selected as finalists for America's Road Team because they have outstanding safe driving records, share a passion for the trucking industry and are role models among their peers. "We owe these professional drivers our gratitude, without them the American economy would come to a halt."

75 Million Safe-Driving Miles And 923 Years Professional Experience

  • The 36 finalists, note ATA’s press release, advance to the final round of the selection process, scheduled for January in Virginia. A panel of evaluators, including industry officials and trucking news media are slated to judge nominees on their knowledge of the trucking industry, dedication to safety, ability to communicate the industry's messages and overall safe driving record. For the record America’s Road Team finalists have a combined total of 75 million safe-driving miles and 923 years as professional truck drivers, and ATA says these highway safety experts are eager to share their experiences with the public.

    Elisabeth Barna, ATA’s executive vice president of industry affairs finds the nominees will send the nation a clear message: "America's Road Team will continue to serve as a voice for the industry, which benefits from their professionalism, dedication and safety as they educate the public on highway safety, the role trucking plays in our economy and why the trucking industry is a great career option."

    ATA says this year's finalists hail from 21 different states and haul a diverse assortment of products and materials. They range from short haul drivers to over-the-road drivers operating in all of the lower 48 states. The finalists represent a cross-section of the industry with experience ranging from four years to 43 years as professional truck drivers with anywhere from nearly 400,000 to 3.9 million safe driving miles.

Truckers Represent All That Is Right In America, And That’s The Reality

Thanksgiving is a quintessentially American institution. It represents so many things but one thing it does represent is a time when our nation has a chance to collectively express our gratitude for our blessings. It’s not discriminatory at all – All blessings can be thanked there’s no exclusions – and given historical accounts the holiday never was. Thanksgiving turkey consumption stats will confirm hundreds of millions will be eating tens of millions of turkey for the holiday. That is a lot of thankfulness, thanks to America’s truckers, God Bless ‘Em every one!