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Your Trusted Insurance Partner Since 1934

Wellington F. Roemer started Roemer Insurance in 1934. Today, the Toledo-based business continues on in his family. Wellington's son, W. Thomas "Tommy" Roemer, is vice chairman of the board, and his grandson, Wellington F. "Rocky" Roemer III, has been president and CEO for 20 years.

Roemer Insurance - The unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity and ethics anchor the core of a value system that launched Roemer Insurance continues to serve as our business philosophy today. Upon this foundation of trust, we've built an excellent reputation in our community and are grateful for the clients we are privileged to serve.


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Truck technologies taking the industry to new places this spring »

Spring is springing and worries related to weather and flooding are melting with the snow. OK Cleveland, Ohio not so fast. Nevertheless, as the Midwest begins to thaw, drivers’ fleet owners are now simultaneously enjoying prime pothole season, and anxiously anticipating—no doubt—the blooming of concrete barriers and orange cones marking the start of another construction season.

Another sure sign of spring is the Mid-American Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Kentucky, held at the end of March. The annual conference and expo is always a great place to find out what’s emerging from the fertile soil of the trucking industry. Besides all the great iron and chrome, there are always plenty of vendors offering the latest in business informatics and data analytics technologies to help fleets manage costs better and grow more profitably.

Also on exhibit is safety, that is, safety through technology that focuses on the driver’s physical safety as well as comfort. Interesting thing is, in the midst of all this it’s the driver who’s become the center of the universe for truck technology developers.



Request A Cost Effective Insurance Quote For Your Trucking Fleet

Please provide a little info so we can get to work for you. Or, simply email me at rocky@roemer-insurance.com or call us at 800-462-1993.

- Rocky Roemer

The trucking insurance experts at Roemer have established our preeminent reputation in the industry by serving America’s trucking fleets with integrity since 1934. Throughout those many decades, innovation and technology have always been our hallmark. The unparalleled experience and industry expertise Roemer brings to the table assures our clients of the best service and value possible. Roemer Insurance, the Trucking Insurance Experts... Innovating for over eighty years.

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Presenting the Roemer Brand Family

Roemer Insurance has been a leading force in commercial truck and fleet underwriting for decades. With 80-plus years insuring America’s truckers, Roemer Insurance continues its legacy of innovation, delivering new, higher levels of service and value to trucking fleets and drivers through the insurance products and risk management services delivered daily by the Roemer Family of Brands.

We Know the Difference

Among the first to recognize the specialized insurance needs of trucking fleets of all sizes, Roemer has been witness to the rise of commercial trucking and will continue to grow—meeting the industry’s ever-expanding list of challenges by innovating new and tailored insurance products and services for both owner-operators and truck fleet owners.

Every Mile, Every Day

From managing operating costs or navigating expanding regulations, to insuring specialized fleet operations or securing initial operating authority, The Roemer Family of Brands stand ready to equip truckers and fleets with the tools, experience and insight they need to push costs down, pull revenues up and drive safe, secure operations every mile of the way.

"I went through several insurance agents in the beginning because they lacked knowledge of the trucking industry. I sought an agency that could answer my questions and offer me the best coverage for my needs... the whole Roemer team has been instrumental in me being able to continue a profitable business."

  • - Renae Garrett
  • Owner Operator, RG Hauling LLC

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