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Obtaining Your Own Authority

  • Be prepared. You are going to need good credit, financing and a plan. Hundreds of new authorities are filed every week. Hundreds more go out of business every week. Plan ahead.
  • You need to fill out paperwork for several different entities including:

    • MC number, issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
    • DOT number issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation
    • BOC3 process agents who can accept legal documents on your behalf
    • Acquire trucking insurance. Understand what you need. Talk to an agent who specializes in trucking insurance. They can advise you on which insurance market would be the best fit for what you plan to do with your operation; and give you options on coverage and deductibles. (get a fast quote now)

    • UCRA – Unified Carrier Registration Agreement
    • IFTA is concerned with tracking your mileage per state.

Obtaining your own authority is a complicated endeavor. As always, we advise talking to professionals who do this for a living. Your business will require at the minimum, three advisors who are very familiar with trucking: an attorney, an accountant, and an insurance agent. These trained professionals can help you avoid the pitfalls of a new business venture, and help you protect and grow your business through the years.

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